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Age: 22 | Sex: Female | Sexuality: Bisexual | Measurements: 36″-40″-44″ (91-101-111 cm) | Cup size: DDD (F) | Ass size: Big | Eye color: Green | Hair: Auburn | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Curvy

Sexy Humiliatrix – Suprisingly Evil Princess

Here’s Jasmin Breeze. 21 year old minx. She’s stunningly hot doing SPH cam fetish. This wicked cam girl is dirty sexy. You’ll love her. Everyone does according to her rating.

She’s skinny as a rail but she’s got a tremendous, toned ass, and crazy sexy perky tits.

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flashing ass in tiny red thongShe gives great shows. Especially her femdom stuff. Get her as a mistress and she’ll break your balls. She does fetish and loves SPH humiliation and jerk off instructions. She’s a fantastic cocktease and shows her body off just so casually, it’ll drive you nuts.

Age: 21 Cup Size: D | Eye Color: Blue | Hair Color: Brown | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Toned

Her Fetishes: Striptease, Squirting, JOI, SPH, CBT, Spanking, Dirty Talking, Roleplay, Strap-on.

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Here’s sadistic mistress Exotic Diva. 19 year old horndog dominant. She does small dick humiliation webcam shows. She’s about the hottest mistress walking on twos.

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Age: 19 | Measurements: 36″-28″-37″ (91-71-93 cm) | Cup Size: C | Ass Size: Big | Eye Color: Black | Hair Color: Black | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Curvy

Her Fetishes: Sissy Training, Feminization, Mistress Worship, SPH Humiliation, Discipline, CBT, Foot Fetish, Shoes/Heels/Boots, Cuckolding, Orgasm Denial, Roleplay.

Cruel Milf Mistress – These Feet Are Made For Kissing

Here’s Bela Moretti. Cruel milf mistress. 37 years old with a nice body. She favors leather dress. She favors domination and humiliation cam shows. She gives live and private mental pain shows.

Pros: Promises to crush your balls. Cons: Promises to crush your balls.

Bela’s into domination. She’s experienced doing most kinks in femdom, and she makes a fine humiliator for SPH. She likes to control and twist the knife, so to speak.

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Age: 37 | Measurements: 36″-28″-37″ (91-71-93 cm) | Cup Size: C | Ass Size: Big | Eye Color: Black | Hair Color: Black | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Curvy

Her Fetishes: Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Whips, Humiliation, Leather/Rubber/Latex/PVC, Foot Fetish, Financial Domination

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Here’s Sexy Goddess Tits. Huge boobs BBW for dominant kink. She’s looking slaves to use.

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Age: 27 | Cup Size: HUGE | Eye Color: Black | Hair Color: Black | Ethnicity: Mediterranean | Build: BBW

Her Fetishes: Cuckolding, Humiliation, Leather Fetish, Bondage, Foot Fetish, Small Penis Humiliation, Teasing, Roleplay, Domination, Slave Training.

Crazy Sexy Chat Domme – Too Hot for Mortal Man

It’s Mistress Nylons! Sophisticated femdom mistress on cam for femdom humiliation and femdom fucking.

She’s incredibly hot, obviously. Great body, beautiful woman, 28 year old wildly dominant webcam mistress.

She’s looking for submissive fresh meat. Little dicks and pain seekers. She makes suffering sexual.

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sexy chat domme red heels and gartersI thought that she was too clean to be very dirty. Look at her! She looks like she wears panties once then throws them away.

She’s dirty as hell, though. Frankly it’s pretty excellent getting 1-on-1 fetish sex from a mistress this hot and watching her get dirty with it.

She does about any fetish related to femdom. SPH humiliation is one of her tons of kinks. I’d list them out but suffice to say – if she’s in charge and gets to be her naturally dominant and semi-cruel self, you’ll have a ton of fun with Mistress Nylons.

Age: 28 | Cup Size: C | Eye Color: Blue | Hair Color: Auburn | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Muscular

Her Fetishes: Humiliation, Domination, Discipline, Chastity Training, Cuckolding, Leather/Rubber/Latex/PVC, Lingerie/Leggings/Panty Hose/Panties, Financial Domination, Foot Fetish Strapon Femdom, Sissification, Tease & Denial.

Big Tits Camgirl – Huge Boobs & Live SPH

Big tits cam girl small dick humiliation with Sasha. She’s a big boobs sex machine.big tits cam girl sphShe does SPH humiliation in cam to cam. She’s into dirty stuff and does fetish and loves live sex by all appearances.

She does dirty jerk off instructions. She’s does domination, CEI. She’ll moan your name while she fucks herself for the right price.

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Sasha has a huge set of tits, washboard abs, sweet little ass, and an Instagram smile.

You know why she’s so good at SPH humiliation? Because she’s fucking heartless.

Sasha’s all about sex and she loves dirty talking. She’s sexy as hell and I think that’s probably obvious even from the short clip.

She’s arrogant, too, which is a ton of fun for a submissive guy who gets off getting his little dick laughed at.

Which, ya know, join the club.

Age: 24 | Her Fetishes: Small Penis Humiliation, Jerk Off Instructions, CEI, Domination, Tit Fucking, Roleplay.

Manipulative Coed – Coming Down Hard on your Little Dick

Manipulative coed on cam for live SPH humiliation and a wider than usual array of femdom kinks.

manipulative coed mistress leather strap dressFit head fucker Mistress KendraA is taking on subs for private chat sessions. She does training, SPH humiliation, JOI. All the filthy femdom stuff you’re looking for, it’s likely right up her alley.

She does femdom pretty filthy. Her vibe to me was manipulative coed. That kind of haughtily pretty one that seems so vain and bossy, but then you get to know her a little bit and find out that she’s deeply kinky, too.

Submit to her Mistress KendraAs Cam

She’s pretty fucking manipulative. I’ve seen it before. And I swear it’s like Krypton for some reason. This outlandishly sexy woman who just uses you and uses you, and you see it, but you can’t say no.

She’s sexually overt.

She does privates and she’s got a load of kinks. All boss/slave scenarios, or she’ll just beat your ass.

Make sure to call her “Mistress” from the get-go.

Age: 25 | Her Fetishes: Small Penis Humiliation, Jerk Off Instructions, Foot Fetish, CEI, CBT, Sissification, Leather/Latex/Outfits, Nails Fetish.

Mistress Kendraa sheer top leather jacket